They stole my heart and if u 'wanna find it u'll find it in ITALY♥

Last week, 
how to describe it right that I'd really give you the right message about that it was the best week of my life? Because when I say that it was the best week of my life it doesn't sound like so cool that I feel it, in my heart. And I really mean everything that I say,  I don't just say these things and let them fade away. But ofcourse I took many pictures when those Italian Exchangers came to our town and one of them stayed at my place, but I didn't take so much pictures that I usually do:
 Sara, my host-sister. I'll never forget that girl. It's so hard to tell you, but when we first met in real life on that Friday when they came and I saw her, It just felt like that we've had known each other for a reeally long time and the week went so well because she was amazing and it was so easy to be with her. I told her everything and she had my trust. And now feels like that my 'sister' is gone! I miss her just so so so much!
Saturday we had our first day together. We went to the city and I showed her some places around and then we found the others Italians and my friends so we went to the cafeteria together. After that we had to go to school and there we had some games to get to know each other better. We had also that school presentation with Stiina, it went fine but not like it was meant to. On Sunday we went to Punkaharju and visited Lusto. I don't really know what did the Italians think about that place, but personally It wasn't anything cool for me to see... And the place where we did eat was from hell, really or the food was... Then we went to Savonlinna and visited Olavi's Castle. I think it was beautiful place for them to see but the guiding tour was just boring and I've been there before so I weren't interested about that Castle so much. The rest time we had time to do some shopping etc. But the shops were closed so we didn't have much options so we decided to go to eat to Hesburger, and that was a place they really seemed to like! Sunday evening was just the best! Almost all of us were in Kata's place and there we chatted and did everything nice together and got to know each other even more better. And something really really lovely happened to me, There I met some special person 
Monday was 'regular' school day. We were divided into 8 groups. Then we did some projects about 'School on the move'. We went skating and even all of the Italians haven't skated before, but it went pretty well. After school we went to Sini's place. There the Italians went to Sauna and Palju, that's something they really seemed to like! 
ALorenzo (1)
On Tuesday after school we went to Joensuu by train. We were shopping, bowling and we ate in the restaurant Amarillo. I bought some new jeans, trouser, nail polish, necklace and a top. In the next post I'm going to show you them. But again we had some really great time together in Joensuu, bowling was nice and I won the game :) Wednesday we did go to Ilona's place and after that we went eating to restaurant. The evening we spent again somewhere where was almost everybody of us. Thursday was actually our last day together. After school we went to the same cafeteria as on Saturday. The evening was just brilliant! I can't really find the right words to describe that evening. All of us were in Romola and we had a party and everybody were dancing and again something very special happened to me! I might be in love... Oh damn I swore to myself that nobody's going to steal my heart!
Lorenzo♥ ( in the background Fererico and Krisse posing )
The hardest and the very last day was Friday. When they had to leave us and get back to Italy. I cried a lot and stuff... Especially on the airport. Almost all of the Finnish girls were crying and I just couldn't stop crying because I knew that how much I'm going to miss them. All of them were just so great persons and especially Sara. They changed me a little and it's just a good thing. And they brought some new colours and things to our Finnish stupid and boring life and  now I know that when I go to High School I really want to study for Italy, because they stole my heart and I really love that country and especially the people who live there, they are wonderful! Miss you all 

Eli suomeksi vielä kaikille, että varmasti ymmärrätte. Miulla oli tuossa edellinen viikko varmasti yksi maailman parhaimmista lieneekö parhain? Italialaiset vaihtarit tuli meidän koulullemme ja majoitin heistä yhden, Saran. Sara oli ihana ihminen ja ikävöin häntä hänen lähdettyään nyt tooosi paljon. Meillä oli tosi kiva viikko, yhdessä kaikkien kanssa. Käytiin Lustossa, Savonlinnassa ja myös Joensuussa omalla porukalla. Shoppailtiin, keilailtiin ja syötiin paljon. Opin paljon uusia asioita ja kuulin uusia ihania biisejä (Italialaisia) Sain paljon uusia ystäviä ja tapasin erään erittäin erityisen henkilön, varasti sydämeni kyllä. Ikävöin kaikkia Italialaisia nyt tosi paljon, kun ne lähti pois! 

So happy 'bout getting to know so many  lovely and different persons
and about getting new friends that I will never forget.
This week includes the most unforgettable moments of my life
and I will never forget that week, LOVE YA, SARA

This song includes many sweet memories